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Ripped - Arcas Nutrition

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Absolutely unique effects of prohormones for muscle growth without unwanted water retention under the skin that will help you grow lean muscle. Includes two extremely powerful ingredients. You can get excellent results in combination with the conventional protein supplements. Also increases testosterone levels and improves libido.
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About Ripped
Getting lean and muscular physique is a dream of the majority of people involved with working out. If you are reading these lines you're probably one of them. Prohormones are relatively new, shown powerful effects on muscle growth, increasing testosterone levels, improving strength and also endurance. If we look closer to supplementation and training support, it would look like this:

- Supplement of nutrition
- Prohormones
- Anabolic steroids

From this simple order, we can see that prohormones are somewhere in between. They are far more efficient than conventional supplements, but they are not anabolic steroids. Prohormones are designed specifically for athletes, scientists in their development focused on their safety and developed extremely active substances which are safe. This is the main benefit of their use. But there is a problem that it is necessary to mention that if you are tested, you can have a positive doping findings. It may be a few hours to several days. Prohormones improve protein synthesis and therefore is the most ideal combination with nutritional supplements such as protein, gainer, amino acids, or BCAAs. RIPPED is designed for all who want a lean, muscular physique without unwanted water retention. RIPPED includes two powerful prohormone compounds that act synergistically to promote muscle growth, while reducing water retention. If your goal is to have hard and pure muscle, RIPPED is the right prohormone for you!

Ripped Components
Halodrol: This prohormone has the ability to promote key changes in the body that are extremely beneficial for body building. Halodrol is a precursor turinabol, banned East German steroid. In addition to pure muscle gain, it can help in a big way to increase muscle strength.

Trenavar: One of the prohormones that you're considering to cycle with when it comes to realizing the strength, mass and size gains you've always wanted. Bodybuilding must-have.

Adrenosterone: Adrenosterone's main action is it lowers cortisol levels. Cortisol is the main catabolic (muscle-eating) hormone and it also promotes fat gain. Cortisol and testosterone also work in an inverse relationship, so high cortisol levels lower testosterone. Adrenosterone acts as a competitive inhibitor.