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Andarine (S4) is a solid SARM. It's not the best choice for gains, however it's a viable and worthwhile choice for the cutting athlete or one looking to increase strength.
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Active substanceAndarine S-4
Dose for men50mg / day (6-8 weeks)
Active life4 hours
Contents100 x 25mg capsules

About Andarine (S4)
Andarine (S4) is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) developed in the treatment of muscle wasting diseases. Andarine is not as strong as some of the other SARM's in terms of an anabolic effect that leads to the promotion of lean muscle tissue increases, but it does appear to have other valuable benefits. It is relatively side effect friendly and an increasingly common option for performance enhancing athletes.

Andarine (S4) effects
The effects of Andarine (S4) can range from bulking to cutting and total body transformation, with bulking to be the weakest of the three. Andarine (S4) is not known for packing on a lot of lean muscle tissue, but lean gains can and should be made providing enough calories are present along with muscular stimulation (exercise).

Andarine (S4) is known for aiding in strength increases. Increasing strength can be a benefit when trying to grow as it allows the individual to lift heavier weights.

Andarine (S4) is great for cutting plans. In order to lose body fat, one must burn more calories than he consumes, which will put lean muscle tissue at risk. Andarine (S4) supplementation can protect muscle tissue during a calorie deficit. The more tissue that's preserved, the stronger the metabolism will continue to burn.

For the every day fitness enthusiast, this may be one of the best SARM's on the market. If you're looking for more of a beach body look with increases in athletic performance, this is one of the better SARM's available. Due to the side effect friendly nature, it's also one of the more appealing.

Andarine (S4) administration
The common dosing range of Andarine (S4) is 50-75mg per day taken evenly throughout the day. Results may be seen in as little as 4 weeks, but most will find 6 weeks to be the minimum time frame for decent results to be seen with 8-10 weeks being fairly common.

Andarine can be stacked with other SARM's, with injectable or oral steroids, peptides or nearly any performance based medication.

Andarine (S4) side effects
The most bothersome side effect of Andarine (S4) is that of vision disturbances. This is not something that will occur with all users, but of all the side effects of Andarine it is one of the more common. Blurred vision, especially at night and a yellow tinting of the eyes are all possible with this SARM. However, such effects should clear away almost immediately (a few days) after use is discontinued.

Andarine (S4) does not aromatize so gynecomastia, water retention or high blood pressure should not occur with this SARM.

Hair loss, acne and virilization symptoms in women are impossible with this medication.

No cardiovascular side effects have been noted due to the use of Andarine (S4).

The side effects of Andarine (S4) will include the suppression of natural testosterone production. The rate of suppression will not be as significant as with an anabolic steroid, though.

Andarine (S4) is not toxic to the liver.