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EAA+Glutamine is a complex of essential amino acids, manufactured by the Scitec Nutrition brand. This product provides a significant amount of essential amino acids including BCAA (leucine, isoleucine and valine), branched chain amino acids described as essential that cannot be produced by the human body but can be provided by diet and supplementation. EAA+Glutamine is a supplement that can be used by athletes who are on a diet but also during a period of mass gain without impacting the diet because it does not contain sugar.

Features of EAA+Glutamine from Scitec Nutrition
For each 6g serving, you have 2667 mg of BCAA and 1333 mg of glutamine. As an added bonus, EAA Zero is available in several different flavors and may be suitable for people following a vegan diet.

How to use EAA+Glutamine?
It is recommended to mix a dose of 6g (i.e. 1/2 measuring spoon) in approximately 300 ml of water and consume around training.

Size 300g
Flavor Cherry Lime